Sequencer and a Sound Canvas module in one box

Roland SD-35 MIDI Player

  • The Roland SD-35 is a MIDI player / sequencer and a Sound Canvas module in one box.
  • It has a built-in floppy disk drive for MIDI file storage.
  • The Sound Canvas section is GM/GS compatible, with 16 parts, 28 voice polyphony, chorus and reverb FX.
  • The sequencer can record standard MIDI files (16 channels, format 0) and play both format 0 and format 1 files.
  • Recording time base: 96, 120, 192 or 240.
  • The disk drive uses 3.5 inch 2DD floppy disks.
  • Connectors: 2 MIDI IN, 1 MIDI OUT, Play/Stop jack, Headphone jack, Stereo Audio IN and OUT, 9VDC power supply.


This unit is in excellent physical condition and working order.
It has always been stored in a wooden rack/cabinet and has had no even light use on any recording setup.
As seen in the photographs!  
The box contains:
  • The Item Roland Sound Canvas SD-35 unit itself
  • Manual Instructions
  • A dedicated power adaptor unit.
  • Original Box
Reason for Sale

On May 2nd 2008, a police car hit on my upper body whilst cycling through London. Since then my active lifestyle changed dramatically becoming incapacitated. As a consequence, I'm suffering from a severe whiplash injury, collar-bone misplaced, and an impinged spine that are causing me horrendous 24hr intense pain.

The Met Police did not help me despite acknowledging the RTA as their fault.
My access to the NHS was forbiden for a year by the Police Claims department, Inter-resolve and IPRS.
The Police officer careless driver who committed the fault was set to be free of penalty charges and no further actions to be taken.

November 2008 An MRI at London Independent Hospital depicted an impingement on my spinal cord, explained by consultant Mr Colin Natali who outlined a set of treatments and stated:
"Clearly this gentleman was functioning well before the accident and it would be my opinion that without the accident he would have remained asymptomatic and certainly not have had to give up the physical activities." I was eager to receive medical attention, but IPRS and Inter-resolve vanished.

January 2009 I received a letter from the Legal Services of the Met Police with the next lines:
"We advice that we are not longer prepared to deal with your claim by way of mediation and we have instructed inter-resolve that they should cease to liaise with you in this matter. We would suggest that if you wish to pursue your claim further you should seek independent legal advice."
I was devastated, as the letter from the Accident Claims of the Met Police written on 5th May 2008 stated:
"May we respectfully suggest that by dealing with us direct, there is no need for any representation from solicitors thus enabling us to deal with all aspects of your claim in a quick and efficient manner".

After one year of mistreat, help from the NHS turns slow and inefficient. Friends witnessing my distress and change in lifestyle suggested to follow legal advice but and I never imagine that my only possibility of get medical attention with urgency through the "No Win No Fee" slogan would become a far worse ordeal.

I'm suffering in extreme, tortured by an action of not fault of my own, but what becomes more harmful and damaging is the ongoing cruel double injustice:
First by the Met Police Legal Representatives and thereafter by Patrick Allen, ex president of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers).
Patrick Allen and Hanna Sellars from (Hodge jones & Allen Solicitors), after false promises of medical assistance that led me to sign a contract, never committed to work on my case despite being open and honest at the first meeting (April 20th 2009).

February 2010 HJA solicitors terminated the "No Win no Fee" agreement sending me a bill of £9,300,13. Charges for 2 meetings in the course of a year and to cover the cost of one report done by Mr Korab Karpinski.
For HJ&A solicitors my case was insignificant that on request of a replacemnt report the ex president of APIL adressed phrases such as:
“And who’s going to pay for it? Will you, can you?”.   or   "Your case isn't worth half a million is it?".
Hannah Sellars said a 2nd Orthopaedic report costs £1,500, (a sum beyond my means). Patrick Allen was disappointed with the medical report calling it “junk” three times, yet he concluded the meeting by stating that they proposed to follow Mr Karpinski's opinion and pursue a psychological report upon which to base the claim!

The links bellow are short movie clips taken spontaneously before I received Mr Karpinski's report. Now my condition has deteriorated further.

Before the accident
I was a very active person, running 6 miles & swimming twice per week regularly. Influenced by friends (professional athletes), a friend ex European record holder of pole vault gave me as gift a medal after winning a competition and she taught me swimming.
On 22nd September of 2007 I gave my opportunity to try out synchronised swimming at Hackney's heated Olympic outdoor pool where 105 amateurs and professionals across the UK set a New Synchronised Swimming Guiness World Record.
April 2008, I was in Lithuania, I bought a running trousers from Audimas and one morning I went running (approx. an hour and a half) along the river across the city of Vilnius into the deep wood forest.
May 2nd 2008 Road Traffic Accident. Cycling through London while going to College a careless driver, police officer [Vehicle: EJ57 VYN] hits my upperbody with devastating implications, and since then I became housebound and incapacitated and I don't know if I will be able to feel normality again.

Just weeks before the accident I was travelling very healthy between three EU countries, walking miles with a 10kg bag, studying actively and opening paths for new working opportunities. Documentation and people could testify my previous state of fitness, but the Legal expert Mr Korab Karpinski report gave the impression that my physical condition was wretched, completely ruined years before the accident and his written notes throughout the report were harmful and malign.

HJ&A solicitors suggested to ask Mr Korab Karpinski to amend some notes, but the report interpreted wrong my physical condition prior to the accident. Medical practitioners have mixed opinions and the legal expert highlighted the negative points written by some irresponsible people, but ignored consultants even Mr C Natali's London Independent Hospital mentioned above. And notes related to my injury were not true, plus critical notes he decided not to take in account. I could not tolerate more injustice and what solicitors were obliging me to follow did not represent the true.

In view of this lack of fairness, papers were sent to the Legal Complaints services. It was dealt by Non Practising Solicitor Emma Hough and the conclusion went to favour (HJA) Hodge Jones & Allen solicitors. Offering me a compensation of £700 off the bill.

How did I get into this?
My local GP said days after the accident: "You are now in hands of the met police, we cannot help you!", then I had no recourse to Legal aid because it was the police involvement, and remain being abandoned by the NHS as the next consultant appointment is scheduled at Barts Hospital June 2011.

My simple lifestyle is completely ruined, destroyed after a collision with a met police car. Its implications beyond words, and all exacerbated by legal procedures. It seems that for people like me there is no justice. Yet, I carry on completely debilitated, covered by tears of pain every day & night, seriously ill, feeling dead, and neglected.
On the other hand, the reckless driver that should have been penalized, is free of charges and unscrupulously protected by the Met Police Legal Representatives.

I'm obliged to sell all I have left to keep going, cover obligations, and payback something to friends that have been helping me soo much. I don't receive special aid such as sick benefit or similar when you are ill, and in my present condition I'm unable to generate any income. If I can collect enough money It may be possible for me to seek urgent medical attention somewhere privately as the NHS would not help me.
I'd like to apologize for inserting a long note here, please see my other items!

Delivery & Payment


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felix juan.